67-69 Camaro Front suspension Service kit (OE rebuild)

Camaro Front suspension BASIC Service kit
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  • Item #: FEK01
  • Condition: New
67-69 Camaro Front suspension BASIC Service kit (OE rebuild), control arm bushing set.

We've packaged together the most commonly replaced items in a front end rebuild, so you can save money and time by doing it all at once.

Basic Service kits include:

2 outer tie rod ends

2 inner tie rod ends

2 upper ball joints

2 lower ball joints

4 upper control arm bushings

4 lower control arm bushings

and all the hardware needed to get it together (bolts, boots, castle nuts, and cotter pins)

this kit works perfect on all 3 years (but not visually correct for 1967) just a great service kit to bring that ride and performance back

Just TOP SHELF parts HERE! Bushings are made by Rare Parts in the USA (the best rubber made wont crack after a year of non use) and the Tie Rod Ends are Correct in appearance Manufactured by a QS-9000 and ISO/TS16-944 certified OE, for the best factory look!! and coated to prevent RUST! Sure you can save 30 bucks and buy import! just let me know I don't want to be in your car when the wheels fall off!!!

AND you can upgrade to Urethane Bushings (in black) for better performance with the stock look!! for just a few extra dollars!!
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Price $249.00

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